"Family history is much more than just births, deaths and marriages"

I think it's very important to understand the setting of the time

Blue Mountains in WW2

During the war years I spent many weekends and school holidays at Faulconbridge in the mountains. Off and on for years I looked for publications that would place my memories into the context of the time. Finally I reached the conclusion that if I wanted to read such a book I would need to write it myself.

Our Family

Our Australian roots date from 1790 on the Edwards line and 1799 on the Morris line. My children and grandchildren have 7 direct ancestors who were in the colony before 1800. The first Blue Mountains property bought by my grandfather was a tiny cottage in Blackheath purchased in 1894 … so 5 generations of us have been in this area for more than a century.

Researching Family History

There are a few golden rules for research:

  1. Always work backwards from yourself,
  2. Never believe everything, even when on official certificates,
  3. Everything is speculation until verified,
  4. Never believe family stories but seek the glimmer of truth within.